Hannah Busby is a dynamic Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Stylist, specialising in developing unique content of the highest quality across all digital mediums.

Hannah’s interest in the design aspects of the fashion industry began with a keen eye for textiles and design reinvention -  deconstructing vintage clothing and creating unique contemporary pieces. This, along with a great mentor, acted as the catalyst for her exploring other creative possibilities in fashion. 

Hannah’s skills within the digital field are diverse including, but not limited to, social media and content creation, marketing strategies, web development, graphic design, and branding. Her ability to match these skills with her hands-on knack for styling has allowed Hannah the opportunity to play a key role in major Australian Fashion Week events.

From design and styling conceptualisation, to refining and perfecting the end creation, each project is instilled with Hannah’s personal flair to produce striking, original work.

Drawing inspiration from fashion greats such as Isabel Marant and Raf Simons, Hannah continues to challenge and impress her peers with her skills, creative zest and career aspirations.